It all started almost by chance: I was looking for someone to talk to about american tv series (a long standing passion of mine) and, being that we were in the early 2000s, the fastest and efficient way to do that was through an online forum. We learned to write what we thought about the latest episode, to articulate our point view, to interact with each other in a productive way (most of us, most of the times). 

Fast forward a few years: I moved to another city and met some of those same people from the forum who became, and still are, my family. Since we did not used the forum to share our opinions anymore – we did it live – we felt like we lost both an audience and several voices, random people who may have not became our friends along the way, but that were a big piece of the discussions.
Going back was not an option, so we moved forward: we founded Serialmente, were we posted proper reviews that everybody could comment on. It was very successful, for several years. Serialmente was where I learned that I loved to write, even if it doesn't come easy.
From then on I tried to do it as much as I could, without ruining it.

I wrote for 5 years on Serialmente, about everything under the sun from Game of Thrones to Gossip Girl, from Supernatural to Mad Men. I even had a couple of short lived comedic columns.

Now I write more sporadically, but with gusto.
I always talk about things I love, so now it's beauty for Beauty Secret Society: an online magazine about beauty and make-up, with a strong visual drive and a peculiar point of view. We are a small team but we do it with great passion.

Other things I like to write about: interior and architecture, myself, silly things in a serious way and viceversa.