Sharables is a newsletter I created, for fun and for free, as a way to share what I find interesting, to push my awareness about the world beside my small life and, as I found out, to pick into the brain of my subscribers, because nothing surprises me more to see that the article I considered the weakest is in fact the most clicked of the week. 

It all started because I used to bombard my friends with links to check out, several times per day. All in all it was a disappointing practice: either my contents were immediately consumed or they were lost forever, in an ocean of other notifications. And I was left in need of a conversation that never was.
The idea of a newsletter came from a joke about my inability to accept defeat, but it stuck in the back of my mind for the next few days. I ended up keeping track of how many contents I was consuming and decided that yes, I could actually do it.

Three times per week I send an email to my Sharablees. Each mail generally consist of a gallery of some sort, two or three articles, and two videos. The work is all in the selection, since I don’t produce any other content than the mail itself, but it's no easy feat. I stay away from politics, serious news and local events as much as I can, at least if I can't find a nice angle to the story. Sharables is a moment of leisure in a work day, not a newspaper.

I do it all myself. I learned to use a newsletter provider just for Sharables. Sometime a theme will emerge, I guess the serendipity of the human mind is inescapable, but most of the times is just a mishmash of different stories. It's hard at times, I'm a freelancer and don't really have a routine so it happens that I work half a day or 20 hours straight but I still have to send three emails a week. 

I love it none the less. I never skipped a day.

Here is the link to the archive, if you're curious.