Hello dear visitor,

as you may know, my name is Alice and I'm a almost-30-years-old graphic designer currently living in Milan. 

I'm a hot head, a clown, a fun-facts dispenser. I work hard on the right projects and I foolishly work harder on the doomed ones. I love to work with other creative people as I firmly think it takes a village to deliver a well balanced project.

I have always wanted to be an interior designer (well, after a tearful discussion with my mother about the concrete possibilities of me becoming an explorer or, as plan B, the first woman firefighter in Italy), and it's still a passion of mine, but as the life goes I found myself in being a communicator, more than an architect. 

So, after a three year specialization in architecture, interior and product design during High School, I graduated in 2009 in Visual Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, one of the top Italian universities, focusing on branding and editorial design. 

I love paper. My ultimate goal in life is to work for a prestigious printed magazine, a project I could believe in, may I be the Creative Director or the last of the layout slaves. 

I have the most tedious discussions with those of my friends who work exclusively for the digital media, as they are convinced that paper is dead and I'm wasting my time on a poetic crusade. I, in stark contrast with the overwhelming majority, believe the printed media will bury us all, evolving above what we know now and giving the finger to my friends. I wanna be part of that evolution.

As of now, I find very rewarding working for companies big and small. They come to me with a problem and I can solve it, and in the end we're both happy.

I love digital. My projects are almost always born on my computer before anywhere else. As the evolution of paper goes through the digital world, I am right there joining the two. 

I also live online more than off-. The Internet Peepl have been my lifeline: I found friends, I found a language I understood, and I even found jobs: for the last 5 years I have worked steadily behind the curtains of several web sites. Ranging from architectural magazines to television reviews, from bikers e-commerce to beauty portals, I've been writing, photo-editing, template-twitching and designing information.

 At this point in my career I'm game to every (legal) chance comes my way, may it lead me abroad or just to shift my focus.

Feel free to write me if you're looking for a goofball of a designer, or even just to talk about projects: a.a.alessandri@gmail.com